I’ve in the past couple of weeks probably devoured and sipped on any and anything this good world has to offer, much to the dismay of my internal organs and digestive flow. My skin’s also beginning to look crusty (which is a personal failure because of all that I am proud of, my skin ranks at least second).

So I decided to embark on the fun yet difficult journey of detoxing, And not just any old detox, but the Master Cleanse! If you’ve never heard of it before, google it and weep! It is basically a 10-20 liquid detox where all meals are replaced by water, organic green tea, and a special blend of homemade lemonade.

Join me?

I’ve done it before and it has had great effects on my physical and mental disposition. After the first couple (and hardest) of days, my energy levels increase, my willpower is strengthened and restored, and my body feels stronger and lighter. It’s an incredible transformation I’d like to document this time around in the hopes that it won’t diminish a mere weeks after completing the journey.

And I call it a journey because it truly is – no one I know has come out the same way they entered.

Seriously, join me?

Before you do, please:

– Visit your doctor and/or dietician, as you would before embarking on any extreme dietary journey

– Don’t join if you’re looking for a quick weight loss fix. This is not it

– Feel free to use any variation of the Cleanse that you find online, that works for you

– Stay committed and Encourage one another. It’s gonna be a bumpy ride

– Document your journey by using the tag #MasterFood so we can read and comment on your journey too πŸ™‚

– Try to journal every day and give a detailed description of how you feel, how much of the lemonade you’ve had to drink, how easy or difficult you’re finding it, ways to avoid temptation, and general words of encouragement
I’ll be starting in the next 2/3 days (finding the proper ingredients and getting into the right frame of mind to maximize chances of success can be challenging) so stay tuned and do share! Do it with a friend to share in the good and difficult times πŸ˜€

Let’s go!



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