FoodAndPassion: Granny Chronicles

I love talking about my granny because you cannot speak about her without mentioning her almost obsessive love for food and the kitchen.

I remember many nights watching her sleep at 4am prepping for the meals of the following day and missing half the event because she was either too tired to stay awake through it all or too busy adding the finishing touches to her meals. She was always amazing to watch because you could see that it wasn’t a chore for her. She didn’t feel compelled to do the work and definitely didn’t require our sympathy for what looked like a ton of work to us. No, it was, and still is, a joy for her; a day out in the park with all her best friends gossiping about boys and the latest drama concerning the woman next door. The only thing to get her down is seeing an unfinished plate of food or a comment about how this dish was missing this or had too much of this.

The look on a magician’s face after successfully pulling off a mind bending trick is the same one she has after pulling off a meal of enhanced quality and taste.

The first time I had mussels was not from a seafood restaurant but from my grandmother’s kitchen. I didn’t know what risotto was when I first had it at a Christmas lunch orchestrated entirely by her and I’m still not sure what Gammon is but I know how good it tastes after passing through her hands.

She loves it and I love talking about her with regards to it because it brings her so much joy and me so much hope. Not everyone is lucky enough to find one thing that makes their blood tingle in excitement. One thing that challenges them while bringing joy and comfort to those seeking it. One thing that fulfills them in ways that are incomprehensible even to them. My grandmother not only found that one thing but she embraces it with all that she has and backed all energies into making it a viable career by way of opening a restaurant.

If she found hers, what’s keeping me from finding mine?

I am grateful for her. For the way she loves all that she loves. And how she uses that which she loves to show even more love.


Thanks for reading, sharing and engaging

Love&Light 🙂

PS: Who else’s granny is by far the greatest chef they’ve ever known?


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